Twitter Me This: Presence Tools for Just in Time Learning
Bud Hunt
TIE Conference
June 24th, 2008

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This page will serve as a landing place for discussion of presence tools, a collection of social media and networking tools designed for real-time conversation in a real-time online world.

The session description:

  • There are more and more free tools out there that help us to collaborate, share, learn, chat, talk and teach in the moment with folks from around our district or around the world. But with so many to choose from, how do we decide? And which tools are for us, and which are for our classrooms? Why bother? Come and join us for a conversation about and an exploration of the world of presence tools like Twitter, Jaiku, and others, how they create opportunities to network locally and globally, and what we might do with them in our schools and to enrich (or to help create) our own personal learning networks.

The Presence Comparison Tool

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