So I'm going to be away for a week and I get really tired of the boring "I'll be out of the office for so and such, blah blah blah" messages that I usually use - seems to me that we should be working to make a more human response than that. I'd like for folks, even while I'm gone, to get something useful, maybe even something fun, out of the return message. Here's your chance to help. Jennifer Jones , in response to my request for help , suggested I let you build my "I'm Out of the Office" message .

ABC's of Ed Tech Game
I'm going on Vacation and I'm bringing... -
A - Audacityto edit my podcasts.
B - Blog
C - Comic Life , Chatzy
D - Drupal, for content management.
E - eeepc, Evernote
F - Flickr, Firefox, Flock, and
G - Google Reader my favorite way of keeping up with what's going on while I'm gone and your Garmin GPS so you know how to get home!
H - Hahlo
I - iPod Touch and/or iPhone 3G
J - Jing excellent, free screencasting tool! Jott for note to myself
K - my kids
L - Levelator - post production podcast clean up
M - MacBook
N - Ning in Education or Classroom2.0
O - Ocarina I know it isn't very techie, but you could use it with Audacity to create your own podcast music!
P - Podcast, Plurk, PBwiki
Q - Qik
R - RSS absolutely essential for keeping up
S - Sharepoint. Oh, wait. No. I'm leaving Sharepoint in the office... but I'm bringing Sunscreen. It is a vacation after all. Skype, Sliderocket
T - TwitterTo share thoughts instantly and point you to the many venues of my distributed presence outside the office.
U - Ustream
V - VoiceThread
W - wiki, Wii, Wordle
X - Xoost - a great new search engine
Y - Yelp to be able to locate good restaurants while on my vacation. Yep! to organize your .pdfs and YouTube
Z -Zamzar - to convert Youtube videos to watch on the way