Hi, guys. Since Donna mentioned she'd like to play with a wiki, here's one in which to play. Our questions are below - taken from our discussion forum. Feel free to edit them as you see fit:

1. Is there one thing you've seen that you might use in your classroom or already have started?
2. Do you have any concerns about "Education 2.0" topics that keep you from implementing them in your classroom?
3. What support would be helpful to implement these ideas and where might it come from?
4. Discuss how classroom 2.0 meets the needs of students in today's world. How will these tools better prepare students?
5. What shortcomings do you see in these tools and what traps must be avoided?
6. How do we decide which components of "old school" to keep and which components of "classroom 2.0" to implement?
7. What's next for you as a learner? Where do you go from here? What professional development opportunites can the district provide to support their learning community?