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What do we wish to take back -- and to WHO?? Admin, Teachers, Students, Ourselves??

There is just not one message we need to take back. If we limit to one message, we limit the message.

OH -- we made a wordle too:

What is literacy? Does it matter the definition??
What is reading? Does it matter the definition??

Interesting Comments: Having kids understand the learning process is key and they learn differently. Teachers have to understand how kids learn nowadays

problem is that some teachers grew up learning this way allow this style to continue, how do we fix that

@kstevens yes but sometimes you need a student push to make them juimp we used student mentors to teach our teachers

each42 : So is it different? Is there a difference between reading a book and reading a web page?
08:12 pjhiggins : @teach42 without a doubt.
08:12 mmkrill : @teach42 yes
08:12 budtheteacher-1 : Well - see - I think that's a complicated question, because I don't think we think of the same thing when we say "reading."
08:12 pjhiggins : Had this discussion with my English dept.
08:12 fceblog : I feel we sometimes talk as if we simply *got* it. We are just learning. Sketching a literacy definition. Just a thought.
08:13 budtheteacher-1 : And, if I'm reading an e-book, that's a different kind of reading than a corporate site, or a dictionary site, etc

08:13 pjhiggins : How we attack the text remains the same, but how we attack media is where the difference lies.

08:16 kstevens : pic, text, media reading those 4 entertainment is different than reading those for learning/improving myself
08:16 mmkrill : *I* learn differently - I see my own kids learning differently
08:16 budtheteacher-1 : @kstevens - and entertainment/learning can pop back and forth.

How do you move the shift ? Student mentoring and giving feedback through different models
Discussions around age differences and new teachers.