Write a poem including, involving, or inspired by the phrase "mucous membrane wash." Go.

Rite of Passage

The late summer sun beat down on his shoulders.

Hot. Steamy.

His eyes were closed. His breathing rhythmic.

Shouts of support seemed like whispers in his ears.

As if these would help him muster the extra bit of courage

to jump.

A downward glance. A deep inhale of hot, steamy air.

Knees flex. The board bends. Courage mustered.

Floating. Faster. Faster. Arms flail.

Eyes closed tightly as water rushes past his body.

Bubbles. Darkness. Quiet. No support.

Reaching for the surface.

Mucous membranes sting from the chlorine.

A breath. Another.

Treading water, he looks up to the spring board.

I did it. I did it.